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“OMG 2,” the much-awaited sequel, has taken the box office by storm with its impressive collection and exciting storyline. This film, which continues the legacy of the original “OMG – Oh My God!” movie, has captivated audiences from its opening day. With a star-studded cast, including Pankaj Tripathi and Akshay Kumar, “OMG 2” has been generating buzz and drawing in crowds to witness its thought-provoking narrative and engaging performances. As the days progresses, the film’s box office numbers and reviews are eagerly anticipated, showcasing its impact on both the audience and the industry at large.

“OMG 2” is doing well at the box office. In just the first few days after its release, it earned a good amount of money. Many people are going to the theaters to watch it, and this is helping the movie make a lot of money. People are enjoying the film, and this positive response is making the earnings go up. The movie has a good chance of becoming a hit at the box office.

DayBox Office Collection
Day 1₹9.5 Crores (Estimated)
Day 2₹14 Crores (Estimated)
Day 3₹15 Crores (Estimated)
Day 4₹12 Crores (Estimated)
Day 5₹18 Crores (Estimated)
Day 6Updating Soon
Day 7Updating Soon

OMG Box Office Collection Overview

Movie NameOMG 2
DirectorAmit Rai
ProducerAruna Bhatia, Ashwin Varde, Vipul D. Shah, Rajesh Bahl
OMG 2 BudgetApproximately 150 Crores
Star CastAkshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, Yami Gautam, Arun Govil, and more
GenreComedy, Drama
Movie Release Date11th August 2023
OMG 2 Box Office Collection Opening Day₹9.5 to ₹12 Crores (Estimated)
Movie Run Time2 Hours 36 Minutes

OMG 2 Movie Review

“OMG 2” is a highly anticipated Bollywood film that marks the return of superstar Akshay Kumar in a thought-provoking and engaging role. Directed by Amit Rai, the movie masterfully blends humor and important themes, making it an enjoyable and meaningful watch. With a focus on sex education in schools, the film delves into societal norms and beliefs with a touch of satire. Akshay Kumar’s charismatic portrayal as a divine messenger, along with Pankaj Tripathi’s compelling performance, adds depth to the narrative. The courtroom drama, witty dialogues, and social commentary create a bold and progressive perspective on an important subject. Overall, “OMG 2” presents a captivating cinematic experience that sparks both entertainment and reflection.

OMG 2 Movie Storyline

“OMG, 2” unfolds as a compelling narrative that revolves around Kanti Sharan Mudgal (Pankaj Tripathi), a devout shopkeeper at a Hindu Shiva temple. His life takes a dramatic turn when his son, Vivek (Aarush Varma), becomes a victim of misinformation and bullying, leading to a distressing incident related to sex education.

In response, Kanti, guided by a divine messenger of Lord Shiva (Akshay Kumar), embarks on a legal battle. He uses his son’s school and those responsible for spreading misinformation, aiming to shed light on the importance of sex education in society.

As the courtroom drama unfolds, the film navigates through discussions on sex education, beliefs, and societal norms. Kanti’s arguments challenge conventions, incorporating references to ancient texts and Hindu philosophy. The film highlights the clash between tradition and modernity, belief and reason while addressing the stigma surrounding sex education.

Amidst the legal battles, “OMG 2” skillfully balances serious themes with lighthearted moments. The performances of Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, and Yami Gautam contribute to the film’s thought-provoking narrative, encouraging dialogue and reflection on important societal issues. Overall, the movie presents a unique perspective on sex education while offering an engaging cinematic experience.

OMG 2 Worldwide Box Office Collection

As of now, the worldwide box office collection of “OMG 2” has not been officially disclosed. The movie has been garnering attention and earning well in its initial days, and it is expected to continue performing positively at the box office. As more data becomes available, the complete worldwide box office collection figures for “OMG 2” will be revealed.

OMG 2 Box Office Collection [Day 1]

On its opening day, “OMG 2” earned an estimated box office collection of around 9.5 Crores INR (Indian Rupees). OMG 2 Box Office Collection This marks a promising start for the movie, indicating a positive reception from the audience. As the film continues its theatrical run, its box office performance is anticipated to evolve further.

OMG 2 Review

“OMG 2” presents a thought-provoking cinematic experience that skillfully addresses important social issues while maintaining a touch of humor. With Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar leading the cast, the film navigates through the topic of sex education with a unique perspective. Director Amit Rai masterfully crafts a narrative that combines courtroom drama, satire, and social commentary. The performances, particularly by Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, and Yami Gautam, are commendable and add depth to the characters. While tackling sensitive subjects, “OMG 2” successfully sparks meaningful discussions and offers both entertainment and enlightenment. OMG 2 Box Office Collection.

OMG 2 Casts

Akshay KumarMessenger of Lord Shiva
Pankaj TripathiKanti Sharan Mudgal
Yami GautamKamini Maheshwari
Arun GovilPrincipal Atal Nath Maheshwari
Brijendra KalaDr. Gagan Malvia
Simran SharmaFemale Prostitute
Aarush VarmaVivek
Vijay MishraAdvocate Ajab Bundela
Kshitij PawarHawaldar Laalchand
Yash BhojwaniAnup
Shruti GholapMughda Ma’am
Rajiv KachrooSunil D’Costa
Vedika NawaniSophie
Bhavesh BabaniJudge Nagar’s Son
Veena MehtaChandu’s Mother
Karan AanandPraful Maheshwari
Jyoti TiwariPandeyji’s Daughter-in-Law
Aashriya MishraPandeyji’s Grand Daughter
Ajoy ChakrabortyDefendant Advocate
Pratap VermaMaulvi
Namrata KapoorMona’s Mother
Hemant SoniMiddle-Aged Man
Manoj DuttKanti’s Doctor
Shiv Kumar VermaProtesting Man
Parag ChhapekarMedical Store Owner
Geeta AgrawalKanti Sharan Mudgal’s Wife

OMG 2 Trailer

OMG 2 Box Office Collection: The trailer of “OMG 2” gives a sneak peek into a special story. It features Akshay Kumar as a messenger from the gods talking about important things like sex education. Pankaj Tripathi and Yami Gautam do a great job, of making people excited to see the movie. OMG 2 Box Office Collection The trailer mixes funny parts with serious topics, making people curious to watch the whole movie.

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My Opinions On OMG 2 Box Office Collection

In my opinion, the is OMG 2 Box Office Collection quite impressive. The movie seems to be attracting a lot of viewers and making good money. It’s great to see Akshay Kumar back on the big screen, and the unique storyline is definitely grabbing people’s attention. The collection on the opening day is a promising start, and I’m excited to see how it performs in the coming days. Overall, it looks like OMG 2 is off to a strong start at the box office.


In conclusion, OMG 2 has captured the audience’s interest with its engaging storyline and talented cast. The OMG 2 Box Office Collection reflects its popularity. Akshay Kumar’s return is a highlight, and the movie’s unique themes have resonated well. It’s a promising start that indicates a successful run ahead.


What was the opening day collection of OMG 2?

The movie earned approximately 9.5 Crores INR on its opening day.

How much did OMG 2 Box Office Collection second day?

The second-day collection of OMG 2 was around 14 Crores INR.

Will OMG 2 continue to perform well at the box office?

The positive initial response suggests a promising future for OMG 2’s box office performance.

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