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Sunny Deol’s film “Gadar 2” continues to make waves at the box office as it

enters the prestigious ₹300 crore club on its sixth day. The movie’s remarkable success has propelled it into this exclusive league, showcasing its widespread popularity and strong box office performance.

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 7

search Gadar 2 Box Office Collection On Day 7 Is ₹ 36.50 Cr * [May Be Earn], According To Previous Day Prediction & Overwhelming Response To This Film It Might Be Possible. “Gadar 2” is making waves at the box office with impressive collections. Starting strong with around ₹40.00 Cr on its opening day, the movie continued to shine, earning ₹43.08 Cr on Day 2 and ₹51.7 Cr on Day 3. Although it dipped to about ₹39 Cr on Day 4, the film bounced back with an estimated ₹55.00 Cr on Day 5. With a total collection of ₹228.88 Cr, “Gadar 2” is on track to become a blockbuster hit. The film’s performance is eagerly anticipated as it aims to maintain its success in the coming days.

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection

DaysBox Office Collection [In Crores]
Day 1₹ 40.1 Cr
Day 2₹ 43.08 Cr
Day 3₹ 51.7 Cr
Day 4₹ 38.7 Cr
Day 5₹ 55.40 Cr
Day 6₹ 34.50 Cr * [early estimates]
Day 7₹ 36.50 Cr * [May Be Earn]
Day 8Updating Soon
Total₹ 299.98 Cr

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 6

On Day 6, “Gadar 2” continued its impressive box office journey, earning an estimated ₹34.50 Crores. The film’s captivating storyline and intense performances have contributed to its success, making it a promising addition to the box office charts.

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Overview

search Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Opening Day40 Crores
search Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 6₹ 34.50 Cr * [early estimates]
Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 7₹ 36.50 Cr * [May Be Earn]
Movie NameGadar 2
Sequel ofGadar: Ek Prem Katha
Director & ProducerAnil Sharma
Gadar 2 BudgetAround 100 Crores
Star CastSunny Deol and Ameesha Patel
GenrePeriod Action Drama
Movie Release Date11th August 2023
Movie Run Time2 Hours 45 Minutes

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Worldwide

7 Days India Net Collection₹ 284.63 Cr
7 Days Worldwide Collection₹ 369 Cr

“Gadar 2” has been making waves worldwide with its remarkable box office collection. While the official figures are yet to be released, the film’s strong performance in various regions indicates its global appeal. Anticipation surrounds the film’s total earnings, which are expected to reflect its popularity and success on an international scale.

Gadar 2 Movie Storyline

“Gadar 2” continues the compelling narrative that began with “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha.” Set against the backdrop of the “Crush India” campaign during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War, the story follows Tara Singh (Sunny Deol) on a perilous mission to rescue his son Jeete (Utkarsh Sharma). Captured by Pakistani soldiers led by Major General Hamid Iqbal, Jeete’s ordeal tests Tara’s unwavering determination and love for his country. The film portrays bravery, sacrifice, and the unbreakable bond between a father and his son, all while capturing the challenges of a significant period in Indian history.

Gadar 2 Movie Review

“Gadar 2” captivates with its powerful storytelling and impressive performances. Directed by Anil Sharma, the film pays homage to its predecessor while introducing new layers to the narrative. Sunny Deol’s return as Tara Singh is a highlight, supported by Ameesha Patel’s Sakina and Utkarsh Sharma’s Jeet. The emotional depth, patriotism, and action sequences resonate, keeping audiences engaged. Anil Sharma’s direction captures the intensity, and the film’s nostalgic elements add to its charm. “Gadar 2” successfully carries forward the legacy, delivering a compelling cinematic experience.

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Total

“Gadar 2” is performing exceptionally well at the box office, garnering a total collection of ₹ 369 Cr Crores and counting. Audiences have been captivated by the film’s engaging story and impressive cast, driving its remarkable success. As the film continues its run, the focus remains on its ability to sustain momentum and keep viewers engaged. With its strong box office performance, “Gadar 2” is poised to become a significant blockbuster, exceeding expectations and leaving a lasting impact in the world of cinema.

Gadar 2 Casts

“Gadar 2” features a stellar ensemble cast, including Sunny Deol in the role of Tara Singh, Ameesha Patel as Sakeena, Utkarsh Sharma as Charanjeet “Jeete” Singh, Manish Wadhwa as Major General Hamid Iqbal, Gaurav Chopra as Lieutenant Colonel Devendra Rawat, Simrat Kaur as Muskaan, and more. The talented cast brings depth and authenticity to their characters, enhancing the overall cinematic experience. Their performances contribute to the film’s success and resonate with audiences, making “Gadar 2” a must-watch movie.

Sunny DeolTara Singh
Ameesha PatelSakeena
Utkarsh SharmaCharanjeet “Jeete” Singh
Manish WadhwaMajor General Hamid Iqbal
Gaurav ChopraLieutenant Colonel Devendra Rawat
Simrat KaurMuskaan
Luv Sinha, Mir Sarwar, Rohit Choudhary, Rumi Khan, Rakesh BediOther Roles

Gadar 2 Trailer

The trailer of the movie “Gadar 2” gives us a sneak peek of the new movie that many people were excited about. It has exciting action scenes, strong acting, and an interesting story. The trailer shows that it’s connected to the first movie but also has new parts. People who like the first movie can look forward to more thrilling scenes about love, love for the country, and doing hard things for the ones you care about.

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My Opinions On Gadar 2 Box Office Collection

I am delighted to witness the remarkable success of “Gadar 2” at the box office. After the release of “Pathaan,” it’s truly heartening to see another Bollywood film that is performing exceptionally well. The impressive box office numbers of “Gadar 2” reflect the enthusiasm and support of audiences, reaffirming the enduring power of engaging storytelling and talented performances. This achievement not only showcases the film’s appeal but also highlights the vibrant and resilient nature of the Indian film industry. As a movie enthusiast, it’s satisfying to witness the positive impact of “Gadar 2” and its contribution to the continued success of Bollywood on the global stage.


In conclusion, “Gadar 2” shines brightly at the box office, bringing joy to fans and showing Bollywood’s strength. Its success after “Pathaan” is heartening, proving that good movies can capture hearts and succeed. Cheers to “Gadar 2” for adding to the magic of cinema!


When was “Gadar 2” released?

“Gadar 2” was released on August 11, 2023.

How well is “Gadar 2” performing at the box office?

“Gadar 2” has made an impressive start at the box office, with a strong opening and positive audience feedback.

Who are the main cast members of “Gadar 2”?

The main cast of “Gadar 2” includes Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma, Simrat Kaur, Luv Sinha, and Manish Wadhwa.

What was the opening day collection of the “Gadar 2 Box Office Collection”?

The opening day collection of “Gadar 2” was estimated to be 40 crores.

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